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The cutting-edge Holykit support enables you to create expertly-coded websites. Get our first-class service to level up your sites with fully-flexible widgets and essential addons from elementor.

Variant Blocks
There’s many components with a wide range of layout combinations.
Category Component
We offer a variety of elements that are commonly used in the development of websites.
Page Templates
We provide sample web pages so you can see how this kit will work.

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There’s many components with a wide range of layout combinations.
10 Variants
25 Variants
49 Variants
10 Variants
11 Variants
14 Variants
11 Variants
9 Variants
3 Variants
8 Variants


5 Variants
6 Variants
4 Variants
7 Variants


6 Variants

Prices are simple, with no surprises. Purchase once and gain access forever.


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Key Features :


A single license with 90+ landing page components

Key Features :


A single license with 180+ landing page components

Key Features :

Frequently asked questions

Anything else? Chat to our friendly team via [email protected]
No coding experience is needed. Holykit helps you get right to the point. Simply focus on the essential things and skip the basic stuff.
We honestly think there’s no need to try to hard-sell Holykit. That’s because our fantastic track records and clients’ feedback should be sufficient to make you interested in using our services. However, it’s good to ask if Holykit is worth the investment.

First Reason

With the Holykit support, you are no longer bothered with layout designs. It speeds up your processing time and helps you save money to hire more professionals. We built Holykit with Elementor Pro, a leading visual web builder that helps you supersede your basic WordPress editor with a live frontend one. That way, you can design your website live without a need to switch between the preview or editor mode. In essence, we want you to have the most excellent starter working for any project without the necessity to go back to the drawing board.

Second Reason

Sure, even we are sick of making layout designs again and again. Moreover, it is boring to get through, isn’t it? Hence, the Holykit is a perfect way to solve the problem and helps you turn your ideas into world-class products that reach more target customers.

Yes, we do. So, earn more money by affiliating Holykit to others. Gain 30% of every sale you have successfully completed. Submit your affiliate profile here.

Yes, of course! We recommend using the “Essential plan” at $49 per year for the most satisfactory results.
Every update and advancement available in the Holykit for Elementor is free to access for users. We’ll make sure that the notification reaches you.
Yes, definitely! We recure no surprises or charge to you.
We offer instant fixes within 24 hours to resolve any issues that may occur. Contact us via [email protected] and let our team schedule further discussion about solving your problems. Also, check out our Elementor’s Help Center to know how to utilize all the advanced features available on it.
Feel free to do so. Holylkit does exist to evolve every commercial project. You can also use it to build stunning websites for your own clients (we won’t breathe a word). However, please check our License Agreement first to learn better regarding our regulations.
Definitely! Please use it however you like; we don’t limit it. Yet, read the License Agreement to determine the directions about this matter.
Do not ever consider doing it. Please read our License Agreement to discover about this subject in more detail.
Yes, you do. Get a discount if you upgrade from a single license. Please inform us via email ([email protected]).
Certainly! Just click the “Generate” button if you get a notification receipt from Gumroad. You can also reach us through email to process the invoice.

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and we strive to provide the best products and services. However, please note that due to the nature of our products and services, we do not offer refunds after a purchase has been made. We highly recommend trying out the free version of Holykit before considering purchasing the paid version. We believe this will give you a better understanding of the features and benefits of our product, and help you make an informed decision.

If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist you. We appreciate your understanding and support.

We’ll deliver you any updates by email or simply check our post in the changelog. If you feel interested enough to get the offers, download the files via Lemonsqueezy library or click your email notification’s “View content” button.

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Take advantage of our intuitive component library to enable faster web development and prototyping.

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